Monday, November 12, 2012

Cherry Hill Gate- With a WHOLE Lot of Friends!

Hello again!
    This last Friday we went to Cherry Hill Gate again with a ton of people! All told I'm not sure how many people were there, I didn't get to count. I would estimate about 35 people all together, give or take a couple here or there. :-)
  We weren't the only ones there though, there were plenty of other people too. We got some okay pictures, but it was chilly and it wasn't a good picture day for anyone. Here's what we got though.
All the way down the hill before I even get a photo snapped! This is Jennifer and a couple of her kids. Hi Jen!
They were some adventurous kids! This set of tree roots is a kid magnet. We have yet to pass them without children climbing all over them!
Even the little one had to get in on it!
 This is Ruth. She is a dear friend. She and her family just got back from the Caymans at the end of last month. We're so glad they're back!
Caleigh hasn't always been such an adventurous soul. She didn't fuss once! She just climbed up and climbed down without even asking for help. Bravo!
Here she is, walking to catch up to the others. Believe it or not, there are some behind us, not many, but some. There are MANY in front of us though.
The green here is about the only green left down there. I'm kind of surprised that into November that there's still this much green! If you look back on some of the other hikes we've taken to Cherry Hill (there have been many), the scenery sure has changed. It was bare in April, it changed to lush greenness, the reds and golds came and went and now the trees are barren again for the most part. The ducks are still here though!
Here are some of the people who came with us. In the third picture down, you can see a whole bunch of people in the background, they're with us too. Like I said, LOTS of people!
As you can see, there were many kids making attempts at feeding the birds. Many were successful, some were not. The birds had to be getting full, I imagine that birds around Cherry Hill store up quite a lot for winter with all the people coming and bringing them seeds. The kids sure had fun feeding them! We saw chickadees, nuthatches, a couple different kinds of woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals, blue jays and perhaps some others. They were all interested in storing up for the winter, they weren't all interested in doing it by hand though.
Look at them all! In the picture above the one here at the bottom you can see two boys with Mike. The one without the hat is Sam, the one with the hat is Ian. He's one of Ruth's sons. He is a great and true friend of Sam's. They really enjoyed spending time together.
Can you see the muskrat? It's above the boy's head. It's the best picture I have of it. It was hard to get in very close to get them.
This is a picture BEFORE I put the polarizing filter on the lens of the camera.
This is after. Big difference huh?
The cardinals weren't being very cooperative with picture taking. They kept flying off!

This little sparrow wasn't too cooperative either.

As the hike went on the kids (many of them) decided to get ambitious and climb a rather dauntingly steep hill. The older boys had no trouble with this, some of the others did. Big boys to the rescue! They enjoyed rescuing the little kids, believe me.
See the bits of color through the trees? It wasn't this steep, it's the angle of the camera.
Still, the angle of the camera.
That's more like it! See, it was only moderately steep, not a 90 degree angle.
Many made it to the top, some more than once! They really enjoyed this, most of them anyway.
Caleigh toward the end. She was glad to be going home. It was getting chilly(er) than it was at the beginning. If you held still too long the wind kind of cut through you.
Mike took this, it's Caleigh feeding a woodpecker! She was very excited.
Sam took this one and the next one. These were at the end of the hike, right before we left. I'm not sure how the boy in the red is, the one with the camera is Ian.
This is the end. Eva is sitting with Joshua. Josh is Ian's little brother. He's 6. He and Eva get along very nicely.

It was a great trip, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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