Sunday, February 10, 2013


I know, it's a four letter word to some of us. One of "those" four letter words. I have some before and after pictures of the snow here. We started one day with none, late in the day it started snowing and it snowed and the wind howled all night long! Come morning, it was still snowing and the wind was blowing something fierce. Here are our photos.
You see the ground? It was already thinking about snow, it was a bad sign of things to come.
And here is the after.
Here is a picture of the meter stick in the morning.
See that? Not much more than 9" in the morning. And then....... (you can hear the Jaws music in the background)
More than 14"!!!!! 
The snow swallowed the children! Here is Caleigh in green and Rora in pink playing next to our van that has not been dug out yet.
Here are all of them playing in the snow. They had a blast! Hot chocolate when they're through!

Monday it's due to start melting though, Praise the Lord!!  

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